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Stress-free Dressing!

Welcome to the world of bespoke elegance at the Wedding Design Center (WDC Gown), where your dream dress is just a step away from reality. Meet our visionary designer, Mary J., with an impressive legacy of over 35 years in the art of couture. Mary's expertise lies in the creation of exquisite gowns tailored for a spectrum of occasions—be it the enchanting allure of Quinceañeras, the timeless beauty of bridal gowns, the glamour of prom dresses, the sophistication of nightgowns, the vibrancy of party dresses, or the purity of First Communion and Baptism attire.

At Wedding Design Center (WDC Gown), we understand that your dream dress may be as unique as you are. Mary invites you to share your vision—whether through a picture or a description—and watch as she weaves it into a tangible masterpiece. Mary's skillful hands specialize in merging various designs to create a gown that perfectly resonates with your individuality.

In addition to crafting custom-made wonders, we also offer professional alteration services. Your existing gowns and dresses can be transformed to fit you flawlessly, ensuring you radiate confidence and charm on your special day. Trust Mary J. and our team at Wedding Design Center (WDC Gown) to bring your dreams to life, stitch by stitch.

Discover the art of personalized elegance with the WDC Gown.

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